HTC Aria Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

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HTC Aria Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

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  • Specifications -
  • Operating System Android 2.1
  • Touch Screen
  • Screen Size - 3.2
  • Band - HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM; Dual Mode UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (1900/850MHZ) & GSM/GPRS/EDGE (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHZ); HSDPA/UMTS (3GPP Release 5 Compliant; 7.2 Mbps Enabled) EGPRS Functionality

It's got everything you'd expect from the Internet. And with HTC Sense, the Android 2.1 OS and 50,000 apps to choose from, it goes beyond every expectation of a pocket-sized phone.

Know the time and weather, wherever. No matter what time zone you turn up in, the auto-updating display keeps you on schedule and a step ahead of the weather.

App it up. With the Android 2.1 operating system and instant access to the Android Market, there's never a short supply of cool new ways to use

HTC Aria Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

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S9120 Quad Band Single Cards with FM Bluetooth Compass Touch Screen Watch Phone(Brown)  

Article by Holly

What is the most interesting device in currently China wholesale eletronics products? You should know, it is watch cell phone. This is a inspired electronics - watch cell phone inspired Touch Screen Camera Compass Bluetooth Watch Phone! Cool look, isn't it? Take it easy, let view a little more about this wonder invention. In shape, the Watch cell phone is designed with inspiration of watch and cell phone. The frame is filled with technology and fashion. In addition, so many friends complain about the color of black, now this new device come with another color-brown. You may like the color in such type,it is indeed elegant.

The display touch screen is 1.8 inches, 128 × 160 pixels HD, TFT, 260Kcolor. And for a watch mobile phone, it also has good memory size TF card 8GB Maximum support. And thought is looks small, but from the menu, you can see so many entertainment option for you, including Phone Book, Messages, Call Center, File Explorer, Music, Camera, Video Recorder, Video Player, Fun & Games, Internet, Multimedia, Extra, Settings, User Profiles, Organizer, Bluetooth, etc. Then, it has strong software support, the same as a normal phone, even better. Besides these function, the Watch cell phone also contains Camera, Speakers, MIC, Power, SIM Card Slots x 2, UP/Down Touch Key, Call Button Touch Key, Drop Call Button Touch Key, Exit Button Touch Key, OK Button. Google Android has expanded its platform through introducing other 5 devices in their 1H 2010, together with other handsets from Dell, HTC and Motorola. In fact, almost one year from now when Android first introduced in the market together with the aim of revolutionizing the entire market of smart phones. Actually, in the end of year, 2009 a survey conducted and it shows that Android cell phones have actually started to roil the market and its biggest beneficiary is the Motorola Droid. Android phones are catching users in their internet-in-a-phone style which is indeed the very hit today, plus its openness to different brands of cellular phones. This marketing idea seem to give the consumers a complete service set which include features of key mobile functions, middleware and a cool operating system.

Android is using an unlocked Linux Kernel as its foundation. This system helps many developers in generating the required mobile applications, which on the other hand, provides maximum advantage in using the handsets. The system uses a customized virtual device that will function in increasing the hardware and the memory of the gadget. As an cheap unlocked cell phone, Android cell phone can liberally expand to integrate to the newest technologies as they emerge. The system will continue growing as its developers also continue in constructing innovations.

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