GTMax Windshield Car Mount Holder with Large Suction Cup for HTC EVO 4G Cell Phone

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  • Easily attach & secure suction cup to windshield without tools.
  • Adjust the flexible arm any way you would like to suit your needs.
  • Extra-firm arm absorbs vibration and provide stable viewing platform
  • Custom designed holder fit perfectly and holds your phone securely.
  • Powerful large suction cup, can be fitted both for car and desk. Angle can be adjustable for easy veiwing.

Hit the road with our new Car Windshield Mount Holder. Have clear visibility of your phone data and fingertip access to your critical applications while traveling. This Car Mount Holder Suitable for all cars. Include: Holder & Flexible arm with Suction Cup.

GTMax Windshield Car Mount Holder with Large Suction Cup for HTC EVO 4G Cell Phone

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HTC accessories for your mobile phone  

Article by Sam Johnson

HTC accessories are designed for HTC. These accessories comprise of battery, chargers,phone cases, screen protectors, etc. Each has different functionality related to it. Choice depends upon your requirement that which accessory suits your requirement.

The sales of mobile have increased tremendously with the increase in use of phones. Almost mobile accessories are available for every brand. With the use of these you can have savour every feature of the phone to the fullest.

The mobile mart is full of HTC accessories which can be used to personalize your mobile gizmo in a different away. Nowadays users have numerous options for buying mobile accessories on several websites, online portals as well as mobile stores.

These accessories are neatly designed and add to the looks of mobile phones. Buying an expensive mobile is not complete without its accessories. So it is advisable that at the time of buying HTC phone you can buy some of the useful accessories as well.

The first and foremost essential accessory which should be purchased first is the mobile case. Mobile case plays vital role in protecting your phone from any type of damage. These cases are designed with quality material and can be considered as a protective gear for your phone.

Screen protectors are also essential accessories as you can protect the sensitive screen of mobile. This is protects the screen against scratches, abrasions, dust and water. For transferring files to PC this accessory is useful,

If you are budget-conscious person, then you can opt for Cheap HTC accessories fulfil your requirements. For getting more details regarding HTC accessories or cheap HTC accessories, users can surf various websites and online portals on internet.

To get the most out of your HTC phone you can get some HTC accessories. These accessories let you personalize in your desired way and also give value for every penny invested by you. These accessories also add to the looks of the phone and you can mobile phone more efficiently.

HTC accessories are made with regard to HTC phones. These types of accessories are inclusive of battery, chargers, mobile phone covers, screen protectors and so on. Every accessory has distinct functionalities associated with mobile phone. Option is determined by your own necessity which accessory fits your own necessity.The mobile mart is actually filled with HTC accessories that may be used to customize your own mobile gadget in a distinct way. These days' customers possess several choices for purchasing mobile accessories upon a number of websites, online portals in addition to mobile stores. The actual product sales associated with mobile phone accessories has been elevated greatly with the increase in use of HTC mobile devices.

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