If I ordered the HTC Droid Incredible today, June 15, when should I receive it in the mail?I know that the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon Wireless is back-ordered. When will this back order stop or when should I receive the phone in the mail?

It depends where you ordered it from. If you ordered it from Verizon.com, you should recieve it on July 14th, because it is out-of-stock on Verizon.com and it says N/A until July 13. And Verizon has free next day shipping.
I'm getting the Incredible too- hope this helps :)
Actually no, that girl is wrong. If you order it the fifteenth of JUNE, today, it will be here the 14 of JULY, next month, because it is BACKORDERED. BACKORDERED, Blackbear, means that you can order it, but it won't be available to be shipped to you until the THIRTEENTH, of JULY, NEXT MONTH, which is the date of which it says it will be shipped. Do you understand now, Blackbear?

Ok that other guy, G, is so wrong in so many ways.

First off, they send it to you the next day for free, which is overnight shipping

Did you order online?
What i did was pretend like i was going to buy one, and then when i got up to the shopping cart page that shows me all i would have to pay for, and i looked there for everything i need to know.

You should try it. But please dont listen to that other guy, because seriously, how can you order something on the 15th and recieve it on the 14th??? And it definitely not out of stock because im looking at the page right now and it says nothing like that.

I think G needs to do his/her research a little better...

people, people.. so much hostility...

Anyways... The phone is guaranteed to be shipped by July 13th.. Realistically though, you should get it in 2-3 weeks.. Thats been the norm for orders so far, according to customers who have received it.. They just set the date back a little ways in case there are any extra unforseen delays in shipping.. No reason you shouldn't have it by the first week of July IMO

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