Will the HTC Droid Incredible receive the Android 2.2 update?I have been trying to decide whether to get the Motorola Droid or the HTC Droid Incredible. I'vb been leaning more towards the Incredible, but if it is not going to receive the Android 2.2 update I may go with the Motorola Droid or wait for a new phone to come out. Does anyone have any insight?

The Incredible will definitely get 2.2- the Droid might or might not, depending on when 2.2 comes out. The Incredible does everything the Droid does, and more, but twice as fast. The only thing is, it doesn't have a physical keyboard. But I, like most people, don't think the Droid's keyboard is very good anyway. The on-screen keyboard works great, plus you can even download Swype if you wanna use that- which is what I use. So for the same price, I'd definitely go with the Incredible. I've had one for a few weeks now, and absolutely LOVE it!!

I would think so.

I would think that the Incredible will get it.

an official word just came out of HTC yesterday saying android 2.2 will come end of this year.

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