HTC G2 Dock - Official T-Mobile G2 Dock

Posted by 70sfamily | 3:06:00 AM

This is an Official T-Mobile HTC G2 Dock, it Charges and sync with your Computer and you could use your regular power cord. Plastic Metal brush feel just like its buddy, the G2 and the bottom base is all rubber, so it grips very well. And you could use the Dock in your car as a holder while you're using your Navi app or on Car Home Screen. Just make sure your charging it while it's on the dock so that you won't use up all your battery while it's on Navi Mode. I know, I am. Your Home screen goes Horizontal if you use LauncherPRO Home Screen instead of the stocked version, I call them themes but on the Android devices, they like to use "home screen" instead, don't know... And it you want to go into DOCK MODE, you need to Google, download/install "BedSide (Night Clock).apk" and configure it to go into BedSide Mode when charging. They have this same build-in feature on the Blackberries which I love. And I'm happy to find the same version app on the Android Device. Android Market Search: Google Search: T-Mobile Forums:

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