What to get, HTC EVO 4G or HTC EVO 3D 4G?My two years are up and i'm having trouble deciding whether its worth spending $ 50 for the EVO 3D when i can get the EVO 4G with Android 2.3 for free since i have a $ 150 bonus toward a new phone. I haven't yet been able to compare the 3D to 2D. The 8MP camera and built-in kickstand are what are holding me back from getting the 3D. What are your thoughts?

i would say try the 3d one first,,,yes,,first,,when you get a phone you have a couple of days to try it and if you dont like it you can always swap it for the evo 4g....in radioshack its 30 days.....try it out!!

Shree E
i think you can go with HTC EVO 4G.

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