Should I get this phone case?

Posted by 70sfamily | 3:08:00 AM

Should I get this phone case?

What's your opinion on it?
It looks GREAT online but i don't know how it will look in real life.

I think it looks tacky. and in real life you might find it to look very cheap and plasticky. also it looks like it might break easily. I would say it's a no go.

I actually really like it because it's creative and not just a simple black one or something like that. I say you should get it , it's really pretty :).;_ylt=AoQhBqIZpcTtSZXlg8nVEwbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110727081319AASQuhI
help me out in return ?

Francis G
I have a silicone case for my touch phone
I admit its been a long time since I went into a shop to look at cases, i don't fully understand how this can be a hard case unless it has some sort of elasticity

I'm not so keen on any design in general, but if it may makes you phone more noticeable, go for it.
As long as you are getting a case that does the job simply because it the small items that scratch a coins key due to the smaller surface area.

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