Q&A: What do you want for Christmas?

Posted by 70sfamily | 3:27:00 AM

What do you want for Christmas?i want a the htc touch phone, and a ronaldo replica jersey so far
GO MANCHESTER UNITED, thats the ronaldo im talking about! i got my laptop for my bday

I want a second ear piercing on my ear
and I want a laptop (:

futbol es la vida
new golf clubs! and a new manchester united jersey. they're new ones are sooo tight. oooh and probably a street bike for my triathlons, the one ive got isnt cutting it haha

a sidekick , a nano ipod , a apple laptop that tops it


Psycho Noble
Han Solo!

Elisabeth R
not that i'll get it lol, but books, and an awesome winter coat that i've had my eye on!

Veronica Alicia
I'm very sad because I can't think of anything I want. My husband is still nagging me to think of something I want for a Wedding anniversary present - last month.

The Wicked Witch of the West
Can`t think of a thing.Being happy isn`t getting what you want...it`s wanting what you`ve got. But I wouldn`t mind next weeks winning lottery numbers!

A car


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