Colorful Zebra Phone Protector Cover for HTC Status/Chacha

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Colorful Zebra Phone Protector Cover for HTC Status/Chacha

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HTC Chacha Smartphone Emphasises Social Networking Features  

Article by Thomas Whittle

The age of the social networking has well and truly begun in the smartphone industry and the HTC Chacha will be one of the phones that will be embracing this new technology to the core. HTC has been highly successful with its vast range of high-end smart phones, but this HTC Chacha will be providing a suitable alternative for the customer who demands only social networking support rather than any other feature. However, the HTC Chacha does have the capability of supporting him in other aspects of the smartphones as well.

The HTC Chacha will be coming with a 2.6 inch touch screen display that is going to have a maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This is quite a high resolution to be having in the touch screen display that measures just 2.6 inches in size, and this makes all the difference in the new HTC Chacha. While the phone does have quite a lot of resolution, the 2.6 inch screen does not represent the best form of option that you can have for controlling, which is a sad thing. However, HTC has given the full QWERTY keyboard in order to make it better even in this regard. There will be no sliding mechanisms associated with this new phone. Hence, it is very easy and simple to understand. The full QWERTY keyboard is located just below the touch screen display in a BlackBerry like fashion, which makes the phone not only user friendly, but also quite attractive as well.

The HTC Chacha will be coming with a five megapixel camera that begs you to defend your opinion on the phone regarding the position of it. This five megapixel unit will be mostly seen in the high-end smartphones, but to be presented in a phone that is exclusively made for the social networking segment is the impressive part. The five megapixel camera is going to be present with features like the LED flash and autofocus, which can help you take good quality images without having too much trouble. The HTC Chacha will also be coming with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, which also makes this phone one of the first to be coming with this operating system as standard. The reason for this inclusion of this latest version of the Android operating system is due to the presence of a processor that is rated at 600 MHz.

It will be making the Android operating system run in the best possible way. In addition to this, the phone will also be having a dedicated Facebook access button that is also located just below the full QWERTY keyboard. It will be providing instant access to the number of social networking applications that are present in the phone. The HTC Chacha is going to be arriving with a 1420 mAh battery that is good enough for up to 8 hours of talk time in the 2G mode. The HTC Chacha is going to be available from June in the UK.

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