How to fix HTC Incredible glass screen?I recently broke my brand new HTC Incredible screen and I don't want to tell my parents. Also, my friend told me that maybe there might be a kit or you can buy the screen and repair it yourself. Is that true? If it is, PLEASE give me the URL to the product. I need it ASAP!!

There are glass/screen fillers to repair your screen. just do your research but, you should tell your parents because they probably bought insurance for it. All you have to do is get a replacement.

The HTC Incredible is an easy screen to break. To increase the viewing area, the screen goes to the corners of the phone. If you drop it and it hits on one of those corners.... *crack*

I do not believe that replacement parts are yet available for repair. HTC will not support your phone unless you bought an unlocked version directly from them. Verizon will tell you to buy a new one for $ 600 if you did not get insurance.

If you did get insurance, you can file a claim at The deductible (what you pay out of pocket) will be $ 89 and you are allowed two claims per year.

If you did not get insurance, GET IT NOW. You have, I think, 30 days from the time you first activate the phone to get insurance. You may be able to then file a claim after a few day waiting period for your policy to become active. The fee will be about $ 7 per month I believe. Just make sure that you do not break your phone before the policy becomes active. ;)

Supposing you did shatter your screen after your policy becomes active *wink*, you may still be able to use it. I would suggest getting a ZAGG screen protector from your local Best Buy. It cost about $ 10 more than getting one online, but you need to not cut your face on your phone - not to save $ 10.

Make sure you do not activate another phone before you call to get insurance. Call 888-233-4813 for Verizon, or if you have trouble with that number, call (800) 922-0204.

If this phone is in your parent's name, no doubt you will need their help in this. People make mistakes. It was a mistake to drop the phone just as it was a mistake that you most likely did not buy a case for it!

FYI There is a shortage on the HTC Incredible right now and I've heard that replacement phones are not being sent out until at least 5/26/10.

Good luck - hope things work out for you!

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