iPhone 4S vs HTC Thunderbolt?

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iPhone 4S vs HTC Thunderbolt?I have the HTC Thunderbolt.
I have an upgrade (with a $ 50 discount)


I want an iPhone 4S because I like the way the iPhone looks better than the way the HTC Thunerbolt looks (the phone and the apps). I am getting tired of Android and I think I need a phone with a more clean/uniform user interface. The apps on my Thunderbolt just seem a bit too ugly. They all look distorted and messed up. I think the same apps on an iPhone look so much nicer!

Main Problems:

I like the option of having widgets, 4G LTE, a kickstand, and larger screen but honestly, those seem like the only benefits. I have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen and I like it way better than my phone.

So what does everyone think? Am I better off keeping my HTC Thunderbolt or should I get the new iPhone? Which would you pick and why?


i almost bought the iphone 4 in july but decided to buy the droid charge cause it looked best on paper. its not. IT really sucks actually. The iphone 4s is a great phone my brother bought one. Though it is not as custimizable as the android os, it makes up for it in , well every category. Dont make the mistake i did and see the 4g sign and fall in love. Even when i am in an area with 4g which i might add is rare, The data speed is much faster , however it will drain my battery so hardcore. even if i am not running browser. just having 4g on is a bat killer. I would go with i phone. I get a new phone in about a year and a half from now and i will definetly get the iphone 5. or 5s which ever one is newer at the time

iPhone 4s is better. It has Dual Core proc plus HD Camera. Check this out

if you have the thing for apple stuff and got the cash
get teh aifon :D
The iPhone is waay cool man. And those new features in the 4S are totally worth it.

HTC Thunderbolt has an Android OS. It's better! Check this out

iPhone 4s is the BEST! Check this link

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