Can i use htc status with tmobile prepaid?From what i understand, you can use a tmobile simcard with an at&t smart phone as long as the phone is unlocked. Does this apply to prepaids? Specifically looking to get an htc status. And some info about unlocking it before i buy this 400$ phone. Can i unlock at the at&t store? Thankyou!

Mobile Mike
Unlock codes are available for the HTC Status on ebay for around $ 20. You can put a Tmobile sim in it , prepaid or not. BUT, the problem is that you will NOT get 3G or 4G data with most Att phones, unlocked or not because Tmobile and Att's 3 and 4G channels are different and incompatible. A few phones (Nokia Symbian 3 series for example) have BOTH Att and Tmobile 3g channels (unfortunately NO phone has Tmobile and Att 4G channels both yet) but most phones have either Tmobile only or Att only. The Status is Att only.

If you need a prepaid option and Att is not what you want, you might want to consider an Att reseller network like H20 Wireless , Red Pocket Mobile or Air Voice Wireless or even Jolt Mobile. They all run off the Att network but have different independent management. And in most cases you don't have to unlock Att phones to put their sims in. And you WILL get 3G data with this phone on those brand networks.

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