What is the best case for an HTC Evo 4g?Just got an HTC evo 4g and now I need a good case for it. Here are my rules for a case:
1. Not too heavy/bulky
2. Not completely rubber; doesn't go in and out of pocket easily
3. Will last more than a week

Any help is appreciated!

I have a friend who uses the HTC EVO 4G Defender Series Otterbox Case. It's not a great case but it surely protects the phone if it's dropped and isn't as bulky as other cases,

Monobook Sir
i have invisibleshield on my evo 4g, i love it a lot.

HTC EVO 4G Sprint Cell Phone Blue Flower Protective Case Provides optimal protection against scratches and its perfect mold keeps the phone trim and trendy. Reinforced with hard plastic to the sides to ensure the durability of the case. Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone. Packed in high quality poly bag packing

htc evo 4g gelli cases by case mate it goes in and out of pocket easy and stays in your hand so it won't drop easy and its not even that thick! use coupon code cmretail10 TO GET 10 PERCENT OFF ANY CASE FOR YOUR EVO on case mate .com

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