Depends on the 15 year old and what service you have. With most of the major companies you can set up the phone so that it can receive local calls or only have so many minutes a month and can't download. The best thing is to go to is a cell phone store (from your dealer). They can really help you out. You can ask them for all the details then. I bought my brother a Virgin Mobile phone that he can pay for without a contract. It's a dream! I love Nokia phones in general... But I don't know anything concrete about the N-Gage...

i think dat d new nokia fone wid dat built in musicplayer or sumthin like dat iz really kool...esp d black 1.mostly every teenage guy has n ngage so i suggest u dun buy dat.i mean itz gettin really common.if itz 4 a gal den d nokia 6111 iz really amazin.

well i'm 15 and i'm getting a t-mobile sidekick2. its the best phone/pda for teens and people in there early 20. you can get unlimited web browsing, IM, and text for $ 20 a month. the sidekick has AOL instent messanger and it looks cool. you can also set up times when the sk. will go into vibrate mode automaticly and when to go to regular sound which is really handy when your at school and you forget to put it on vibrater. trust me you'll never get your phone consfiscated for ringing in class.

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Orignal From: which phone is best suited for a 15 yr old...gimme some advice on nokia n-gage qd?