Nokia Free Navigation Launch TVC

Posted by 70sfamily | 6:10:00 AM

Until now, SatNav has been kept in the hands of the few. That just doesnt feel right. From this day on, Nokia is giving away SatNav for free on all Nokia smartphonesits free and its for everyone. Because Nokia believes that everyone should be free to get to the people and places they love. Let us un-self consciously celebrate the fact that now everyone everywhere has access to SatNav on their Nokia phone. Let us showcase the richly diverse ways that people all around the world reach the people and places that matter most. Let us delight in the most authentic, playful, innovative and at times quirky modes of transport that humans use passionately in their everyday lives. May everyone everywhere find their way.

The distinguishing feature of the Nokia N900 over previous Internet Tablet devices is the phone capability. As you can see, the phone is actually quite capable and supports several advanced functions.

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