me bought a new n73 mobile..but it asks fr fescure anti virus upgradation.!!!!wat to do nw???

contact nokia web site and read the help forum. you will find what you need there. good luck.

Vesselin Bontchev
Nokia N73 is a Symbian S60 R3 phone. There are no viruses for this environment (just a couple of Russian J2ME Trojan horses and a piece of spyware called FlexiSpy), so I wouldn't worry too much about an anti-virus program for it, if I were you.

Still, if you do want to update it - well, the program can update itself, but it needs two things: 1) GPRS connection and 2) valid license.

Make sure that your phone plan allows you to make GPRS connections. Talk to your mobile service provider, if you don't know whether this is the case.

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus comes pre-installed on some Nokia phones - but I don't know whether this is the case for your phone and I don't know whether the pre-installation includes a valid license or whether you have to purchase one yourself.

Once you purchase a subscribtion (it's basically a number that comes in a piece of paper in a box that looks as if it contains a CD), you enter the number when the program asks for activation. (That is, start the program and select Options/Subscription/Purchase/Subscription code.) But your phone *must* have GPRS capability for the program to contact F-Secure's server and validate your subscription number.

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Orignal From: frndz can u ppl plz suggest me hw should i update my f-secure software in my nokia n73?????