Nokia 6500 or Nokia N81?

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Im having a really difficult time choosing between the Nokia 6500 and Nokia N81. Basically, what's important to me, is good battery life, 2 or 3 days avg. I also text alot so im looking for a keypad that's fairly comfy and good for texting. Music isnt that important to me as i already have an ipod. Cam also isn't that important, just maybe after at least 2 mp. Oh and it should have great reception and sound quality. Thank you for the help in advance!

Jakareeta R
complete mobiles talk just in

helo pilot cfi
N81 meets ur requirements well

Bilal M
hi i found a few reviews. just read them and decide which you think are the best, i prefer the nokia n81 personally but its up to you.

1.NOKIA 6500

The Slide may share the same model number with the 6500 Classic, but the two handsets are miles apart in terms of styling and functionality. Whereas the Classic is a slimline fashion phone with relatively basic features, the Slide is a chunkier beast that's stuffed full of cutting-edge technology.

There may only be 20MB of memory on board, but Nokia supplies the phone with a 256MB microSD card that sits in a slot under the stainless steel battery cover. The slot can actually accept cards of up to 4GB in size and you'll certainly want to add some extra storage space to take advantage of the phone's music player.

It's the same updated player that's found on the 6500 Classic and it's certainly a big improvement on the older version. The interface now looks much more attractive and it also feels a good deal more responsive to use.

The headphones that Nokia supplies with the phone sadly aren't sound isolating like those you get with Sony Ericsson's range of Walkman phones, but they still produce good sound quality and are comfortable to wear.

As this is a 3G handset, it has twin cameras for video calling. The one on the rear is actually very impressive. Not only does it have a 3.2-megapixel resolution, but it's also got autofocus and a Carl Zeiss lens. The shots it takes are a serious step above the usual camera phone fodder and good enough to print at standard photo size. However, they're not quite as sharp or detailed as the photos you'll get using some of Nokia's N-series phones.

Although the music player and camera are good, the most surprising feature of all on this handset is perhaps its TV output. In the box you'll find an AV lead that connects to the headphone socket at the top of the phone. Hook it up to your TV and the phone's display will be mirrored on your telly. You can then use your TV to view photos and videos or to listen to music. It's a cutting edge feature and works surprisingly well.

The phone's battery life is also good as you can get around six hours of talk time from it and the reception and call quality are also very impressive.

Unlike its namesake, the 6500 Classic, the Slide is quite a chunky handset and also feels very heavy. The brushed metal panels on the front and rear stop it from looking like a complete brute, but it still falls somewhat short in the desirability stakes.

Also, although the TV output is a neat feature and certainly useful for viewing photos or listening to music tracks through your TV, watching videos taken with the phone's camera on the big screen just highlights how blocky and jerky they really are.

We would have also liked to see more brightness from the screen. We wouldn't exactly describe it as dark, but sometimes when using it outside in direct light it can be a tad difficult to read.

2. Nokia n81

Like many of the other handsets in the N series, the N81 is quite a large phone, but still manages to look pretty stylish, thanks to its glossy black finish and cool slider design. Much of the top half of the handset is taken up by the large colour screen. It's very crisp and sharp and has good colours, so is ideal for playing games or viewing videos via the built-in Real Player software.

This handset has been designed to use Nokia's new Ovi Web portal, which is a kind of online hypermarket, offering music, games and GPS maps, as well as a place to store and share snaps from your phone. Unfortunately, the portal isn't fully live at present so we can't give you the definitive verdict on it, but the music download section, which is currently in beta, looks like it's well laid out and easy to use.

Nokia has loaded three N-Gage game demos on the phone and while they're not quite in the same league as games for Sony's PSP, they are a rather large step above the usual mobile gaming fare. With its fast 3D graphics, the racing game is especially impressive. However, there's no guarantees that the N-Gage platform will prove to be a success, so we wouldn't buy this phone purely on the basis of its gaming potential.

What's not in doubt is the handset's music abilities. You can transfer tracks to the phone via the microUSB socket on the bottom and thanks to the mammoth 8GB of onboard memory, there's plenty of space for storing your music. As your tracks are sorted into the usual artist, album and track name categories, it's easy to find the music you want to play and the touch-sensitive music controls surrounding the directional pad mean you can control playback without having to constantly call up the music application.

The supplied headphones are pretty decent, but if you don't like them, the phone has a standard 3.5mm mini-jack so you can swap them for any pair you like, which is handy. The N81 also has stereo speakers mounted onto its sides. They're surprisingly loud and although they lack bass, they're still among the best we've heard on a mobile.

The phone's connectivity is also great. It has Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth and also supports HSDPA for high speed 3G downloads. As you would expect from a Nokia mobile, the call quality was first rate and the reception was also strong.

Unfortunately, the N81 is not without its niggles. One of the features that should have made it a real standout among music phones has turned out to be a big disappointment. You see, the N81's directional pad also doubles as an iPod-style touch wheel. This sounds like a fantastic idea, but in practice the wheel is barely useable as it's just not responsive enough. Nokia must have realised this as it has turned it off by default.

The phone is also quite large and heavy. Its dimensions roughly match those of the N95, but even though the N81 has less features than its older sibling, it's actually considerably heavier, tipping the scales at a bone crunching 140g.

We would have liked to see a slightly better camera too. Other phones in the N series have 3 and 5-megapixel cameras, but the N81 is saddled with a pretty pedestrian 2-megapixel snapper. Also, although the battery life is generally decent -- you'll get around four hours of talk time from it -- if you really hammer the Wi-Fi connection and make heavy use of the music and video player, it quickly runs out of juice.

Yash B
Both the Nokia N81 and 6500 are great phones and the battery life is also good, but the problem with both of them is the keypad, they are small and it's a little difficult for one who messages a lot. You can also go for other sets too. Anyways, if you want to buy one, you can definitely mail me for details, the price will be lower than the one in stores.

kimi b
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