What would be the best case for the new HTC Inspire 4G?I'm looking for something that would protect my phone from a five foot drop without messing anything up. Bulk isn't too huge of an issue, but i would like to keep it to a minimum. Thanks!

Jhon Brown
you can visit below link you can find more options here :

Premium Executive Black Vertical Leather Carrying Pouch Case for HTC Inspire 4G (Free Gift)
*Fine soft leather.
*Its genuine leather is quality constructed which makes the pouch durable and easily maintained.
*Swivel belt clip you conveniently the position of your pouch.

- Deb -
Otterbox Commuter for Desire HD fits mine like a glove, provides access to all ports and buttons, and provides excellent protection with minimal bulk. However, this is not an on-and-off case. If you expect to be changing batteries or sliding into a pocket, this is not the case for you.


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