SumacLife Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for HTC Flyer Tablet

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  • Full size wireless bluetooth keyboard allows you to enhance your productivity
  • Say goodbye to wires and enjoy your freedom with Bluetooth.
  • For easy typing of e-mails, text messages and more on the go
  • Manufactured for HTC Flyer Tablet
  • (Tablet must support Bluetooth HID profile)

This keyboard features Bluetooth technology for wireless applications and is designed for use with tablets that support (Bluetooth HID Profile) to make typing e-mails more simple while on the go. This Bluetooth keyboard features a 49 key input keyboard, color LED light to let you know your device in on, and a Micro USB Charging Port.

SumacLife Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for HTC Flyer Tablet

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Htc Wildfire Pay As You Go  

Article by Jerry Dowson

While reviewing HTC Wildfire Pay As You Go, first thing that comes to attention, is tremendously improved social networking experience, Twitter and Facebook integration to your phone contacts with in particular. In short, it takes several minutes to set up the parameters and after that, you can receive notifications about birthdays or any other events, information posted on your walls etc. directly to your phone without a need to open these apps. It's innovative and very convenient. With these improvements, users can access YouTube, Vimeo, Gmail, Flickr, Picasa, Google Talk and more in seconds. This is one of the any reasons why HTC Wildfire is galaxies away from other smartphones of its price range.Well discuss more software features little later; now let's get down to the handset itself. As expected from HTC, phone looks are extravagant as ever, nobody would dare to assume it's a budget phone. On the contrary, it looks like an expensive phone, and when held in hand, it feels pretty solid (despite the lightweight), Thing is, HTC has added Wildfire into a metal casing of famous Desire. Wildfire features 3.2 inch LCD screen with 16 million colors protected by Gorilla Glass tech. Screen shows amazing colors (again, despite the fact that it's not an Super AMOLED screen). Image and Video quality is just stunning. Wildfire isn't an large phone, and it's pretty lightweight, size of the screen is more than enough to fully enjoy the smartphone experience. HTC has done a great job minimizing amount of buttons outside the handset, in fact, there are only two of them, Power on (Keyboard Unlock) and Volume controls. Some people have complained about the absence of camera button but then again, even more people loved it. As for camera button, it can be doubled by using Optical Track Pad.

List of Wildfire specs:Full support of 2G and 3G networks (GPS and 7.2 mb HDSPA)Accelerometer and Proximity sensors5 Megapixel camera with LED Flash (2592x1944).Geo Tagging and Autofocus features384 MB internal memoryMicro SD support up to 32gbHTC Sense UI technology and exclusive new touch screen keyboardSurely, Wildfire doesn't have much of internal memory and runs little old CPU, but hardware handles almost all the tasks without problems, except maybe 720p Video playback, which can be problematic even for the most expensive phones. Other than that, everything works perfect CPU is strong enough to handle Android 2.2 and let you browse the web without freezes and system crushes. Let's go back to the software part. We've discussed the improvements in social networking experience, but there are several things worth mentioning: HTC has brought Android Market into this smartphone, which allows you to buy all the apps, media and ringtones in seconds. Also, there is an App sharing software, which allows you to send a direct link of the media or app you'd like to share, through the email or SMS, or post it on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or else.

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