New phone for college student?

Posted by 70sfamily | 3:09:00 AM

New phone for college student?Hi I will be a freshman this coming year and was wondering which phone I should get or in my case would benefit me while in college.

I am choosing between the Blackberry Bold 9900, mytouch slide 4g, and the HTC sensation.
but the one that really stands out to me is the Blackberry but I'm not sure if it will really suit me for college.

Also are there other phones that are similar to the blackberry (with the keyboard and screen)


Anthony Rivera
I suggest Android.

I see a lot of iPhone users they are generally stupid because they are easily persuaded by shiny icons and expensive price.

Jay Oul
Blackberrys were the cool thing but the truth your gonna get board with ! I had one the fact that i couldnt do much with made me change phones i got the Droid Pro and it was awsome love android app market for college you need a phone to make your own just search around see what you like and can personalize for your liking Good Luck!! The Htc sensation would be a good college phone.

You can prefer HTC sensation since it has many sensible features compare as other phones or you can go for Samsung Galaxy SII (Epic Touch 4G) which is sold 5 million units with in 85 days. These both phones are efficient features with Android operating systems.

You may also check here to get more details about Android phones.

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