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  • Recharge on the go by harnessing power from your car with a cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Vehicle Lighter Adapter (12~24v DC).Phone can be used during charging.Smart IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode.
  • Plug never heats or overcharges the battery.Short circuit protection.LED charging indication.Can charge Ni-mh and Li-Ion Battery.Best replacement for the original car charger.NOTE: When using this charger for GPS device, GPS device might restart with comp
  • Compatible With Audiovox: PPC6700;Orange: SPV M3000;Qtek: 9100 / 9600;UTStarcom: PPC-6700 / XV6700;Motorola:V Series V190 / V195 / V197 / V323 / V325 / V360 / V365,W Series W220 / W233 / W315 / W385 / W510 / W755,AURA / H3 / H500 / H700 / Sidekick Slide/
  • Compatible With Nextel: IDEN Series ic502 / ic902 Deluxe;O2: XDA Atom / Exec / Graphite / IQ / Mini S / Neo / Orbit / Stealth / Stellar / Trion / Zinc;T-Mobile: Vario III,Dash / G1 / G2 / Shadow / Shadow II / Shadow 2009 / Wing;Cingular: 8125 / 8525; Dopo

Compatible With BlackBerry:5810 Series,6200 Series,6500 Series,6700 Series,7100 Series,7130 Series,7200 Series 7210/7230/7250/7270/7280/7290,7500 Series 7510/7520,7700 Series 7730/7750/7780,8700 Series,8800 Series 8800/8820/8830,Bold 9000,Curve 8300/8310/8320/8330/8350i,Pearl 8100/8110/8120/8130,5790;HTC:5800/6900/8925/Apache/Artemis/AT&T Tilt/Athena/Cavalier/Dream/Droid Eris/Elf/Excalibur/Fusion/Hero/HTC Touch Diamond (CDMA)/Kaiser/Lancaster/Memphis/Libra/Love/Magic/MyTouch 3G/Mogul/Ozone/XV617


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Best Sellers In HTC Phones  

Article by Roberto Sedycias

High Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation is known for the powerful and innovative handsets it manufactures each year giving the user complete mobile freedom. Android Operating System is made use of in all HTC phones. In this article we compare the top five best selling HTC phones available in the market at present.

HTC Evo 4g

HTC Evo 4g phones available in the US market have the innovative Wi-Max technology in-built into the powerful and fast handset. The display is 4.3 inches long and it has two cameras. The primary camera is an 8 megapixel camera. The device might seem bulky to look at but they are not heavy. The device has a virtual key board only which is large and easy to use. 8 GB microSD card is given while you purchase the phone and memory can be extended up to 32 GB. The phone can be purchased from sprint with a 2 year contract.

HTC myTouch 3g

The HTC T-mobile myTouch 3g phones are set to customize every feature available in your phone according to your taste. A wide variety of themes, menus, icons and such are available making the customization process easy. Active sync is available with the phone which makes working for your email address easier. Staying synced with Google applications like Google Talk, Gmail and Google Maps is fast. GPS facility is available making tracking easier.

HTC A9192 Inspire 4g

The HTC A9192 is an unlocked phone and it works with T-mobile and At&T. The smart phone is 4g enabled and its speed of operation is ultra fast. The screen is 4.3 inches long with multi touch feature. Wi-FI facility is available and mobile hotspot is available on an optional basis. GPS navigation, Google Maps are very fast and the wait time is zero with zero data roaming fee. It has an 8 mega pixel camera, HD 720 pixel camcorder, HTML browser, MicroSD card expansion facility and Bluetooth stereo music available.

HTC Droid Eris

Customized scenes in which many options are available makes the HTC Droid Eris the top option for those who prefer style along with technology. Thousands of applications available in the android market can be downloaded for free on the phone. Staying in touch with family and friends is easy with the secure email access made available by HTC Droid Eris. Qualcomm process is in built into the phone and he CDMA smart phone works with Verizon wireless carrier. The HTC Droid Eris is an ultra slim bar type phone and it comes with an internal antenna. Built in 5 mega pixel camera, blue tooth interface and micro SD memory expansion slot are available with the phone.

HTC Aria phones

HTC Aria phones are compatible with At&T operator and have Android OS. It is the one amongst the best google phones present and its GSM capabilities are excellent. The design of the phone is classic with a button panel reworked for easy use. It weighs about 3.8 ounces and the screen has 480*320 resolution. 1 GHz snap dragon processor with 512 MB ROM gives the phone a high operating speed.

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