Macbook or HTC Flyer tablet?

Posted by 70sfamily | 7:17:00 PM

Macbook or HTC Flyer tablet?Which should I buy? Im aware of the price difference and that dosent make a difference on which to buy for me.

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these are two different animals how you could compare them i really can't is a hand held tablet. and the other is a full blown laptop and has facilities far beyond the tablet ideals.

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iGadgitz Pink 'Guardian' PU Leather Case Cover for HTC Flyer / Evo View 4G 7" Inch Android Tablet

htc flyer tablet - click on the image below for more information.

  • Stylish hand stitched designer leather case with unique style
  • Customised design to fit the HTC Flyer with cut-outs for all ports cameras, sensors and buttons
  • Camera lens protection
  • 3 position viewing stand designed to integrate smartly into the case
  • Magnet free design means all compass related navigation features will still work accurately!

I have spent many fun hours getting to know the Flyer and its unique features. So when it came time for me to design a case for it, I knew it had to be something as unique and special as the Flyer! So I present you my design!

I have chosen high quality genuine leather for your Flyer case, it has a slightly creased warn in look to it. The way real quality leather actually looks. This means that not only will your tablet look stylish and professional, but the leather will also provide greater d

iGadgitz Pink 'Guardian' PU Leather Case Cover for HTC Flyer / Evo View 4G 7" Inch Android Tablet

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