JBuds J5 Earbud-style Metal Headphones for iPod, iPad, Tablet, Kindle (Black Pearl)

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  • The 5th anniversary model of the best-selling JBuds line
  • Ergonomically engineered for a soft, ultra comfortable fit
  • Incredibly smooth wide range titanium micro drivers
  • All aluminum construction with four footKevlar reinforced cable and rugged, firm flexing joints
  • Includes four different sized tips, cable clip, and JLab's world-class warranty and service

JLab marks the 5th anniversary of the best-selling JBuds line with the striking new J5. Benefiting from five years of evolution in design, sound quality, durability, and comfort, the J5 earbuds-style headphones represent the most universally appealing JBuds ever. JLab continues to refine our signature sound, fueled by a dialogue with thousands of customers on how different JBuds models translate their favorite tracks and genres. The J5's titanium micro drivers deliver an incredibly smooth and co

JBuds J5 Earbud-style Metal Headphones for iPod, iPad, Tablet, Kindle (Black Pearl)

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The 2G and 3G technology in handsets allows its users to access Internet at high speed and with that the 3G technology available gives its users facility of making video calls to his or her near and dear ones and can stay connected.

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