The Trident Aegis case for the HTC mytouch 4G is one of 2 series of Trident cases currently available for the phone. The Aegis combines a lightweight polycarbonate back cover with a relatively thick silicone skin that has reinforced corners to act as a virtual 360 degree buffer against most drops. With the added screen protector along with the Aegis - we think it's an admirable accessory for the myTouch4G, although the Trident Cyclops is a better choice. The Aegis comes in 6 colors.
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myTouch 4G (T-Mobile) Combo Pack - 3 Premium Silicone Cover Cases (Blue, Purple, Hot Pink)

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  • Blue silicone protector case
  • Purple silicone protector case
  • Hot Pink silicone protector case
  • Each case is easily removed/applied. Protects your phone from high impact falls
  • All cases are designed and manufactured for the HTC myTouch 4G on the T-Mobile network

This combo pack includes 3 silicone cases (Blue, Purple, Hot Pink) for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. All 3 cases are made of grade A silicone that have a perfect glove fit on the phone. Some prefer silicone cases because they do not scratch the phone's edges and are easy to remove and clean with soap and water. They are also easily interchangable as they come off and on with almost no effort. The silicone provides excellent protection from high impact falls preventing breakage or scratches. In case o

myTouch 4G (T-Mobile) Combo Pack - 3 Premium Silicone Cover Cases (Blue, Purple, Hot Pink)

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