HTC HD2 T8585 (LEO) is this a good phone to buy for now?I'm looking to buy a new pda phone but I'm not sure what is the best one for now?
Anyone please recommend.
Thank you

Yes HTCs are really good phones

Super to expensive, there isn't any new software and the processor is the same. I'd get an IPhone on verizon or Env on Sprint.

Unlike having an Iphone there are numerous things you can do with the HD2. full line of custom ROMS available, ability to use your phone as a modem (without voiding the warrenty unlike iphone where you have to jailbreak it). Upgradable to WM 6.5 etc not to meantion the interface is absolutly beautiful.

I received mine in the end of December. A month is probably not enough to discover all bugs but so far I'm happy with the phone.

First of all, it is really fast. The 1GHz processor does it's job.
The screen resolution is high and the screen size is big enough to surf the web with comfort.
HTC shell is something new to me (I used to have E-ten with Spb Mobile shell) but getting used to it.
Cannot say that I'm impressed with the still picture quality (SE phones have better pictures with less Mpx) but video recording is relatively good. There is no button for shutter so you always have to click on the screen to take picture - not convenient.
I need to charge my phone every second day - that definitely exceeded my expectations, taking into consideration fast processor and big hi-res screen.
The screen uses almost full width of the body, which sometimes causes unexpected clicks when I grab the phone (slowly getting used to it). When browsing e-mails the shell has button "reply to all" on the left side and when you click it, it changes to "send". One time I grabbed the phone and it replied to all and sent an empty message to a huge distribution list. So keep it in mind and be careful ;) I hope there will be a way to protect it somehow.
The phone is bigger than I expected - it's exactly the size of 12oz beer can (you can hide one behind the phone).
The sound level and quality in conversations is excellent. Also, my Highlander hands-free connects very quickly with good sound level.
So far I did not have chance to use built-in GPS. I don't expect anything special comparing to other similar phones.
It does not have a stylus. If you turn the phone, full size keyboard is big enough but.. I think I will get a stylus. At least you need one, when you surf Internet.

Overall - some little flaws, which I found so far, will not be enough to downgrade my 5 star rating. I really enjoy the phone and recommend it to others who is ready to get best gadget in market for now

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