HTC EVO 3D Silicone Skin Case - Black

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HTC EVO 3D Silicone Skin Case - Black

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  • Simply slips on for easy use
  • Form-fitting for effective grip and protection without adding bulk
  • Access to all controls and openings
  • Includes 2-in-1 pack of screen protectors
  • Colour: Black

Protect your device with this soft silicone jacket. Made of high quality flexible silicone, with cutouts for essential functions. Very lightweight and high protection. The skin is covered with a clear protective layer for the ultimate in durability. High quality thick silicon skin which provides the ultimate buffer for protecting your device from bumps and knocks. Also includes a 2 pack of screen protectors for your device.

HTC EVO 3D Silicone Skin Case - Black

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HTC EVO 3D Improves Upon Original  

Article by Michael Ferrerya

At this time last year, Sprint made a big splash in the smartphone market. They announced the HTC EVO 4G. This was different than most announcements. Sure it was an Android phone, which there have been many, but this was the world?s first 4G phone. The HTC EVO 4G included support for Wimax, which translates to super fast Internet speed from a mobile device. The EVO 4G went on to be the most popular selling smartphone in Sprint?s history. During the initial release phase, HTC had a difficult time keeping the EVO in stock. To this day, there are no real discounts on the EVO 4G. This is also very uncommon. Smartphones rarely hold value, but that?s not the case with the EVO 4G. For consumers looking to upgrade, this added value can help with resale. Suffice to say, the EVO 4G was a smash hit. HTC and Sprint have teamed up again, looking to recreate the magic with the HTC EVO 3D. They are attempting to take all the features that made the first model a success and improve upon it. The addition of 3D is intriguing, but is it enough to make the latest model a hit?

Improving upon the HTC EVO is not an easy task and all within a year. The first big change is the display. Both are 4.3 inches, but the new model features qHD technology providing higher resolution. The results are vibrant colors that provide for better photo, movie and game playing. The gorilla glass composition of the display will also help keep the EVO 3D scratch free. HTC has also worked to improve upon the battery life. While improved, potential buyers should temper their expectations. Battery life takes a hit due to the larger display and the 4G Wimax service. There are ways to improve battery life. Changing your display background to a dark color and switching wireless reception to 3G wireless service will offer some improvements.

There are incremental improvements to memory and processing power. With thousands of applications in the Android Market, the HTC EVO 3D will provide for a robust mobile computing experience. Games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Air Attack HD will provide hours of enjoyment.

Perhaps the biggest difference with is phone is the inclusion of 3D. Sprint has included the movie Green Hornet 3D. Viewing movies in 3D does not require any special glasses. It simply works. Movies are also available for rent from the Android Market. There are a limited number of 3D titles, but expect that to increase in the coming months.

The HTC EVO 3D is a worthy update to the original EVO. For those considering updating, you will not be disappointed. Incremental improvements throughout and the addition of 3D capabilities makes the HTC EVO 3D a very capable Android phone. The 3D features are a nice addition, but there are limited movies and games. Overall, the HTC EVO 3D is feature rich and future proof. HTC and Sprint have delivered a phone that will likely become one of the more popular devices in 2011.

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