Unlock your MyTouch 4G now! Here are some simple instructions to unlock your MyTouch 4G. 1.) Insert an unaccepted SIM card into your phone 2.) Slide to unlock 3.) Enter in your unlock code provided by Cellfservices. This can be purchased at www.cellfservices.com 4.) Press unlock Or, after purchasing your unlock code at www.cellfservices.comyou can follow these step by step instructions to unlock your LG phone locked to the T-mobile Network or any other Worldwide Carrier. All other HTC and myTouch unlock codes can be found at www.cellfservices.com . Over 800 network carriers are supported including the popular ones such as AT&T, T-mobile, Rogers, Fido, Vodafone, Orange and all other Worldwide wireless network Carriers. Don't forget to subscribe to stay updated with the latest unlocking tips, tutorials and tricks!

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