How do you delete a skydrive account!?

Posted by 70sfamily | 8:45:00 PM

How do you delete a skydrive account!?Bassically i just got the new HTC HD7 and it automatically uploads pictures that you take to Skydrive... INSTANTLY, However in some cases this is REALLY not wanted... So if anyone knows how to delete the account please let me know!! Thanks, Emily.

✎log on your windows live / hotmail account
☇click on 'options'
☇click on 'more options'
☇click on 'view and edit your personal information'
☇click on 'account details'

✎it will take you to the account settings page (it may ask for your password)
✎ then on the account settings page
☇under 'additional options'
☇click on "close account"

✎or go here directly
❣the account will be available other 270 days and then it will be cancelled definitely


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