could screen protectors be messing up my phone?I have the HTC freestyle. It;s mody is mostly alluminum and conducts a lot of heat. When in standby, its cold, and if you're talking on the phone, it gets hot. I have a full body screen protector on the phone. It doesn't get cold, but it does get HOT. from my experience, hotter than most phones. Could my body protector be doing something with my phone that's bad? It's pretty new and it's already lagging horribly and crahsed twice

Paul C
It depends a lot on the period you are holding in your hand. I know nothing about the new technology of mobile phones but I'm sure that they cannot get overheated. Maybe if you use some "hard" application that can need a lot of resources for the processor... but I'm sure they thought of this. If you hold it in your hand a lot then it will surely turn hot. Aluminium, like you said, has good conductivity and heat capacity so if your palms have ~36.7 degC then the temp of it should be the same or maybe one or two degrees above it. Try to measure somehow the temperature of it when you feel it is overheated. If it is not above ~40 degC then no problem ;)

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