Bored today, figured I'd load Android onto the Nand flash and erase WinMo 6.1... Check this shit out it runs pretty baller for a 3+ year old 400Mhz phone... Not really any use for it seeing as I'm on VZW but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless suffice the major pain in the ass it was... I overclocked it's CPU to 550 MHz and its GPU, amongst other leet haxorz

Super duper fast (dare I say fastest?) and stable Vogue-Android build with sprinkles! Heavily themed with some nice Donut upgrades. Works in both 240x320 and 320x480. [SDCard/EXT2/NAND]

htc kaiser 8925

Image by NintendoPassion

Orignal From: AT&T HTC Tilt (Kaiser 8925) running Android 2.2.1