What should I get for Christmas?

Posted by 70sfamily | 3:07:00 AM

What should I get for Christmas?So for this Christmas I have some ideas for what I want. I am going to list them and I want you to tell me which is best. The maximum I can spend is 500 dollars (I'm paying for 200 dollars of my Christmas present). Here's my list.

- T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 w/ 2 year contract for $ 30 a month
- T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 prepaid w/ $ 1 a day data plan and buy refill cards
- T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 unlocked and put it on AT&T + other things because Sidekick 2008 is only $ 300
- AT&T Fuze (HTC Touch Pro) for $ 500 w/o a contract
- Dell refurbished laptop for $ 450 - $ 500
- X-Box 360 for $ 300 + Halo 3 and Rock Band 2
- LG Vu for $ 300 w/o a contract + $ 150 - $ 200 of other stuff
- T-Mobile G1 for $ 400 unlocked on AT&T + maybe extra stuff
- MAYBE Blackberry Bold w/o a contract from AT&T ONLY if the retail price drops from $ 550 to $ 500 or under

So choose which one sounds best and if you want, why. Thanks!
Also!!! A 120GB customized Zune + other stuff because it is only $ 260 with the custom designs.

Xbox 360 with halo 3 and Rock band 2, and you should get call of duty 5 world at war....well anyway i think 360 is the best

Metal Princess Suspended!!!!
I'd rather have someplace to live than buy a cellphone or a console.
Really none of these sound like something I (personally) would be interested in.

A lump of coal.

Donate something to the Feed The Children Foundation.

this gift that im suggesting wont cost u alot
it a brain i mean really u can get one at the dollarstore with a better quality than ur brain goshhh
p.s. no offence intended its just a really stupid question like really which one do u like more.....

xbox 360's are only $ 199 now so gvet it. plus rock band and halo sound cool!

- X-Box 360 for $ 300 + Halo 3 and Rock Band 2 because you can go on xbl and play with me and because you shouldnt pay 500$ for a phone. Xbox is one of the best systems out there right now and more and more stuff is coming out for it. If you do happen to get one message me =D
Halo3 and Rock band are really fun games too and you can play online or with other people unlike a phone which you prolly have and you cant play games on there if you like video games...

crazy tomato
XBOX 360 because it is cool. You sure ask for alot.

you are spoiled. LOL JUST KIDDING

you should count your blessings and realize how fortunate you are. there are some people who can't afford to buy ANYTHING for their kids for christmas. why don't you adopt a family with your big bucks and make christmas merry for someone else. trust me, it will make you feel good.

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