what phone is better the htc status or the pantech impact?i have the pantech impact right now& my 2 year contract is up and i can get an upgrade..i was wondering if i should just keep my phone or get the htc status?

Jack Kerins
Iphone 4 32 gb


Brush H
I think the HTC Status is better, because it's a smart phone with Android OS that have many good free & paid apps. Note that most AT&T smart phone requires a data plan to pay at least $ 15 a month.

If you want to upgrade (renew contract) to the HTC Status, I suggest you upgrade online on Amazon Wireless, the most trusted third-party U.S. store online for AT&T carrier. Phone price start at a penny.

HTC Status Android Phone, upgrading price just only $ 0.01 now
>> http://wireless.amazon.com/HTC-Status-Android-Phone-AT/dp/B005CPGN18?tag=ce-phn-20&ie=UTF8

*Bonus offer: now through October 11, 2011, purchase any Android phone or tablet from AmazonWireless and receive $ 15 in promotional credits--$ 5 for Amazon Appstore for Android, $ 5 for Amazon MP3, and $ 5 for Kindle content.
more details >> http://wireless.amazon.com/f/digitalbonus?tag=ce-phn-20


Find AT&T phones with no data plan requirements such as the HTC Freestyle, Pantech Pursuit II, and more on Amazon Wireless, see here

Pantech Pursuit II Phone
>> http://wireless.amazon.com/b/404251011?tag=ce-phn-20&keywords=Pantech+Pursuit+II

and more
>> http://wireless.amazon.com/b/684177011?phones_categoryCarrier=carrierAtt&tag=ce-phn-20&phones_categoryPhoneType=typeNoDataPlan

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