What are your opinions on the htc evo 4g?Ok guys, I am a really big Android lover. I just upgraded to the htc evo 4g. I love this freaking phone. It's fast, its responsive, and it can do just about anything you can imagine. Not to mention, there is absolutely no lag! I want to know you guys opinions on the phone. Do you think its great, or old, or outdated? Let me know!

Karthik K
outdated should get evo 3d or nexus 4g. have ginger bread 2.3 evo 4g run on android 2.2.

yeah im a hugh fan of android phones i have a htc wildfire but yes this phone looks extremely good

Steven Serrano
Outdated you should have waited until the htc 3D came out it's new 2.3 is going to be better

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