Verizon Wireless plan question?

Posted by 70sfamily | 11:48:00 PM

Verizon Wireless plan question?My mom said i can get any phone of my choice from any compony in april 2011, and i was wondering, they are going to stay on verizon with my brother with them and use their phones for calling, no texting or anything, just calls. My verizon contract is up in april '11, and i want to get the htc incredible with ultd. texting, internet, and i dont talk on my phone that much so idk like 700 talking minutes? how much will it cost all together with my parents and me, and can i just get my own seperate plan? im 13. thanks.

You can get a separate plan, but it won't be in your name, it will have to be in your parents' name. Minors cannot legally have contracts in their name. Even if your parents have to change their minutes slightly, it would be far cheaper for them to just add your line to theirs. It's around $ 10 although it might be a little bit more depending upon the features you want. That is far, far less expensive than paying for a whole second plan.

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