Stereo Hands-Free 3.5mm Headset Headphones for AT&T HTC Freestyle

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  • High quality stereo headset with lightweight comfortable ear gels.
  • Premium sound quality, designed to cut out wind and background noise to ensure great sound.
  • Easy to use control button, so you can answer, end or mute phone calls (phone must support this).
  • Very comfortable to wear, light weight.

These HTC Freestyle stereo headphones offer high quality sound at an affordable price. The HTC Freestyle stereo headphones units reproduce surprisingly-clear sounds at a wide frequency range and features an ear-conscious design with soft ear pads for your long-lasting listening comfort.

Stereo Hands-Free 3.5mm Headset Headphones for AT&T HTC Freestyle

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Entertainment Features of the HTC Freestyle  

Article by Ben Garcia

You've heard all about the marvels of the HTC Freestyle as a phone, as a social networking tool, and as an MP3 player. You know about the great sleek design, network coverage, and great connectivity options. You may have even heard all about the many accessories such as a case and a screen protector. The one question that remains, then, is how it is for entertainment? These other characteristics are vital, even during work hours. But no work or play makes us very bored. Can the HTC Freestyle live up to its fabulous reputation even during the playtime hours of its consumers?

Entertainment is a very multi-faceted experience. Whether it comes down to games, movies, or other entertainment aspects, the device should have a nice display, great audio clarity, fast processor, and a large selection of movies and games. If there's a solid balance between all of these features, the device is most likely going to be positively reviewed. If the device is lacking one or more categories, it may hinder the entertainment experience.

A good balance across all the categories is where this mobile device really shines. Although this small smart phone sports a 3.2 inch display with great graphics, it can conveniently be hooked up to a TV or monitor of any size with a micro-USB to HDMI-out cable. That is a quality featured by practically no other handheld entertainment devices on the market, not the iPod and not the Nintendo 3DS.

The audio clarity is as good as advertised, whether it's through the speaker or headphones. It compares easily to the iPod in terms of audio quality and easily surpasses the Nintendo 3DS. The fast processor can easily keep up with the iPhone 3G as it loads up games and movies fast without glitches, pauses, or jumps. As far as games go, there are many decent games available on the Android marketplace. Variety in games hasn't been Nintendo's strong suit. The few available games available on this handheld gaming device are what warrants the most complaints about the 3DS. But not only has the Freestyle easily surpassed the 3DS, it is currently neck to neck with even the iPod in the amount and quality of the games available for its platform.

Between the clear audio, versatile video capabilities, and the large number of games, it's safe to say that the HTC Freestyle has a great future ahead in the entertainment business. It is a fast loaded smart phone. It's proven that it specializes being a phone that caters to many different needs whether it's work or pleasure.

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