Q&A: What Phone Should I Get?

Posted by 70sfamily | 12:08:00 AM

What Phone Should I Get?I am getting a new phone for my birthday, and I have NO clue where to start. I definitely want a touch screen, and a slide out QWERTY keyboard would be nice. I am looking at the G1, but some reviews are not so great. I also kinda like the HTC Fuze, but its pretty expensive. I really like the Quickfire, but it seems to cheap to be true. I am looking at the Eternity and Incite, but I would prefer a slide out QWERTY. My price is probably about $ 300 and under. I have AT&T, but I will look at any good phone since they unlock phones for like $ 20. If you have any good phone or know a good phone that is sorta like these and are touch screen, let me know! All answers help! Thanks!!!

space lover
if you go to amazon.com you can get a quickfire for $ 0.01 if you sign a contract and it is all so cheap because if you lose or break it before 2 years or so you pay the full price

Amanda G
I always read reviews before i purchase a new phone. I heard alot of bad things about the incite. Some people phones kept freezing and the touchpad got messed up. I also heard alot of great things about eternity. Im looking to buy the samsung eternity myself. If you go to CNET and type in the phone you want. They show you a video of the plus user review. Checknit out and good luck!!!

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