is a Windows phone 7 (specifically HTC MOZART) worth to buy ?is a Windows phone 7 (specifically HTC MOZART) worth to buy ? An Android platform seems to have much more features compared to a Windows phone

Different people have different opinions.

Windows OS for mobile phones have had a checkered history; many people will not be interested in going back to one if they had an older one. The new Win 7 phones appear to be getting decent reviews.

Android is new to the game but has very favorable reviews. They have lots of apps available for them.

iPhone of course is also extremely popular. They have the most apps available, but also one of the most restrictive environments.

Best to check out what you want to do with the phone and assess from there; also check out online reviews for the model/OS you are interested in.

I personally prefer BlackBerry's :)

I honestly love my windows phone 7, ive had it since december and i absolutely love everything about it. Its really fast, i love the interface, it just does so many things right. I had an iphone for about 2 years before, and i can honestly say that i like my windows phone 7 better. Oh and it has excellent apps too. I tend to find that i like the apps on wp7 better than iphone for equivalent apps (such as facebook etc). As for the android platform, im not a huge fan of it, i find it messy to use, and idk its defiantly my least favorite of the smartphone os's.

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