Q&A: HTC 8125 cell phone use in korea?

Posted by 70sfamily | 4:20:00 AM

HTC 8125 cell phone use in korea?i have an unlocked cingular (HTC) 8125 phone (see www.htc.com). it is a quad band phone. question is, can a sim card be purchased in south korea so my boyfriend can use the phone while he is deployed there? i know most asian countries use sim cards, but not sure about korea. he is going to yongsan. thank you


Korea (and Japan) use a unique system which is not compatable with other systems. He can rent a phone from the PX for about $ 1.00 a day + time used. I took my new Samsung phone from T-Mobile in the States to Korea, and found it would not work. I also took my phone from China and it didn't work in Korea. I went to AAFES and rented one.

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