Premium Car Charger For HTC ThunderBolt

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Premium Car Charger For HTC ThunderBolt

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  • Brand New IC Chip Controlled Plug in Car Charger
  • State of the art Intelligent Chip circuit prevents overcharging
  • Conveniently charge your HTC ThunderBolt battery while your drive
  • Non interrupted charging, even while the HTC ThunderBolt is in use
  • Essential accessory in case of car accident or another emergency

How many times have you been in your car suffering with only one small line of power left in your HTC ThunderBolt? Well, Stop Now! with this charger you can charge your HTC ThunderBolt in any standard car receptacle at a wonderful price. Have you ask at a cellular phone store for the price of a charger? Take a look, and I'm sure that you will be back here. This charger has the same features of your original charger, the only difference is the price. Why? Simple, instead of paying to the original

Premium Car Charger For HTC ThunderBolt

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Short Examination Of HTC Thunderbolt  

Article by Jack Potter

The number one selling point of the HTC Thunderbolt is with out a doubt its 4G functions. It is the only Verizon android to run off a 4G system, and boast very fast browsing speeds when compared with what can only be explained as normal and boring 3G networks. One fundamental point to remember about the 4G capacity of the thunderbolt is that it regretably eats through your battery life. But, if you only wish to use the mobile phone for standard use, such as texting or calling your friends, listening to your favorite songs, or watching videos, it can last a long time; if you however want to use its 4G functions, you may want to purchase a battery backup. Battery backup is just one of hundreds of HTC Thunderbolt accessories available, allowing you to truly customize your smartphone.

Exploring more about the 4G capabilities of the HTC Thunderbolt will let you know of its various other functions, for instance allowing you to surf on the Internet, while texting or calling your friends at the same time; it has also the most effective 4G connection as opposed to other smart phones, which immediately makes it one of the best mobile phones in the market at this time. You must keep in mind though, that you need not splash out good money on this beast of a handset from HTC if you reside in an area where there is no 4G coverage; certainly, coverage is improving very fast, but, there are nonetheless many areas on 3G coverage only, and you will notice the difference instantly with your thunderbolt phone. Also, it is a bit weighty and bigger than the average smart phone, weighing at 6.4 ounces. What it is however is rough and rugged and hard wearing; if you are constantly on the move with your mobile, you may like to invest in the HTC Thunderbolt case or HTC Thunderbolt screen protector for that little bit more added protection.

The camera on the Thunderbolt is spectacular; with 8MP and front facing option, the quality of the pictures from this terminal are just as good if not better than any digital camera within a normal price range. And with a removable 32 micro SD memory card, you obviously have enough room to take some snaps and even record some great home video clips. The front facing 1.3 mp camera enables you to take self portraits as well as video calling with a great picture quality.

Another of its main selling points is its 2GB Snapdragon processor, and its capacity to become a Wi-Fi hot spot. This function enables you to attach an amazing 8 devices to your terminal, all browsing with 4G quality. However, when utilized under these circumstances, you really need to look at the battery, and a back up is essential. You can use this functionality at your home, acting as a home router for your Internet, with a cheaper price tag of / month for 2GB of data. This is very practical for people who have no access over DSL or wireless Internet, or on regions where Internet is not available.

What is certain is that if you choose to acquire a HTC thunderbolt, you are looking at buying the premier handset form Verizon Android. Although some functionalities are limited based on the area you use (4G capabilities), it'snevertheless one of the best, if not totally the best, smartphonesreleased this year. Thunderbolt is at the moment not upgradeable to Gingerbread, or Android 2.3, but with some fixes and upgrades coming from HTC, this is sure to come within the following months.

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