Navitech Black Hard Tpu Cover Slip Case For The HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone

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  • As flexible as silicone as tough as crystal casing & has cut outs, for all ports.
  • Protects you htc from bumps scratches and falls and is shock and light resistant.
  • Perfectly molded case for a firm grip yet easy to slide device in and out.

Navitech Black Hard Tpu Cover Slip Case For The HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone

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Windows Phone 7: The World in your Hands!  

Article by Smith Hook

Breaking free from the league of the conventional Windows Mobile interface, comes the startling Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 adds a completely new dimension to the ever expanding world of pocket technology. The refreshing new user interface is breath taking, with graphics and designs being par excellence. WP7 is going to rock and rule the entire market very soon. Such amazing features have kept windows mobile fans like me open eyed. With the launch of Windows Phone 7, finally Windows is ready to compete with Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple's iPhone. Having spent 3 years with Windows mobile 6.0, the WP7 interface seems to irresistible to wait for. I am going to lay my hands on it really soon. Having been released on October 21, 2010, WP7 is currently updated to version 7.10 a.k.a. Mango.WP7 is or everyone bet it an entrepreneur, an engineer, a student, doctor or even a coffee vendor! Customizations Galore! Now we can customize everything in the phone to how we want it to be. Needless to say, the thousands of apps the OS supports are amazing. The app market is one thing that is just so new to windows, containing about 30,000 apps and games, increasing every second.Windows Phone 7 is integrated with all social, entertainment and educational and gaming plugins. One touch access to my favourite blog makes things very easy. Everything seems to be organized well with WP7, there is no scope for wasting time in getting down the menus and options. Keeping the spirit of windows alive, all option menus have been put in the right place, really very easy to access.WP7 supports Facebook chat, windows live messenger and few other messengers along with the messaging app. Further, the speech to text system works wonders while chatting. With an all powerful web browser like the Internet Explorer 9, switching tabs, or managing dozens of downloads at a time is no big deal. I wonder how much fits in a pocket.For all gamers out there, I have some really good news. With Xbox Live, multiplayer games are even cooler. Viewing leader boards, interacting with the avatar, all I touch.In spite of having all kinds of features an OS can offer, WP7 faces stiff competition from Android and iPhone. Being new in its league, it will take some time till a plethora of apps for the WP7 to get developed. As of now, very few higher end smartphones like Samsung Focus, HTC HD7, Dell Venue Pro, HTC Surround etc. run on Windows Phone 7.In the time to core, WP7 shall prove its worth while more and more apps are being developed and phone models are being made. Being an ardent windows lover, I wish luck to this new guy in town.

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