LCD Screen Display for HTC Touch 3G T3232 / Jade T3238 ~ Repair Parts Replacement

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  • LCD Screen Display
  • for HTC Touch 3G T3232
  • for HTC Jade T3238
  • 60H00166
  • T5 Screw Tool (other tool may be also request)

LCD Screen Display for HTC Touch 3G T3232 / Jade T3238 ~ Repair Parts Replacement

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We Love MiFi! Well who wouldn't?  

Article by Jade Martyn

It's official. Everyone here at is absolutely and irrevocably in love with the very sought after new 3 MiFi device.

Launched a few weeks ago, 3's MiFi E585 is any users' must have accessory. What with our iPads, iPhones and laptops we have a daily need for a wireless signal to hook us up to the Internet.

It's just so simple to use, and is a great improvement on 3's previous model. At the touch of a button, users are able to instantly create their own personal WiFi hotspot, connecting up to five of your devices to this little beauty all at once. It's so quick you're literally connected to the web in less than a minute.

The small screen lets you know how long you've been connected to the t'Intaweb, as well as displaying the battery life (there's up to four hours of continuous use I'll have you know), how much data you've used and the speed of your connection. This is very handy information to avoid any extra charges for going over your monthly data allowance.

The E585 is also password protected to make sure than no one hijacks your connection and steals your precious data allowance.

The MiFi is very compact weighing just 90 grams and fits in to the palm of your hand allowing you to put carry it around with you as you would a mobile phone or throw it in your handbag, whatever takes your fancy.

As well as being able to charge whilst on the move, the MiFi works with Microsoft, Mac and Linux devices, (as long as there is a 3G connection available of course) and has a USB port and a very handy microSD card slot.

3's MiFi has recently been nominated in the "Best Work Gadget" category at the T3 Gadget Awards, alongside the likes of Blackberry, Apple and HTC, which is not at all surprising considering how nifty and practical this ingenious gadget is.

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