I purchased the Extended battery through our corp. account. It was about for the 2750mAh. With that you get a 1/4 inch increase in size and raise in weight all the while adding 11 hours to your battery life. This gives you a grand total of about 22 hours, with out App downloading, media streaming, live wallpaper, or game play. Extended Battery Update: Below are settings I put the phone in while using the extended battery. Having done this; without downloading excessively, streaming media, or playing games for extended periods of time... I managed to use the phone normally for over 48hrs with out needing a recharge! If this use was consistent, I would conservatively estimate your battery life to be roughly TWO DAYS OR MORE!!!! Phone settings: - All vibrate features for calls, texts, calendar updates, and feedback while typing was turned OFF. - Screen brightness was turned down to about 25% with auto brightness turned OFF. - All animations turned OFF. - Screen Timeout 30sec. - Background Data was turned off. - Primary email accounts set to download every 10 minutes. - Secondary email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.) set to manual update. - Twitter, Facebook, Weather, Stocks, News... all set to update when opened ONLY. - NO live Wallpaper. - NO social networking widgets. - NO App downloading, media streaming, internet browsing, video game playing, or mp3 playing. - NO WiFi, GPS, BlueTooth, or 4G use. NOTE: This is with 4G/LTE left ON!
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www.mobilityminded.com I did review the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt last week. During this week I have been using this first LTE device from Verizon and did notice a quick power consumption on this device. There are many other reports from users and reviewers having the same problem. LTE is not widely available yet, but the huge power consumption seems to be affecting users in the non-LTE covered area as well as in the LTE covered area. The HTC ThunderBolt has no settings for turning of the LTE signal on the device to see if this is the cause of the battery drainage.

ProdiCell Premium 1500mAH Slim Extended Battery for HTC Thunderbolt 4G Incredible HD, Merge, MyTouch 4G, Lexikon, ADR6325, Slider, and PD42100

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ProdiCell Premium 1500mAH Slim Extended Battery for HTC Thunderbolt 4G Incredible HD, Merge, MyTouch 4G, Lexikon, ADR6325, Slider, and PD42100

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