HTC Hero Sync & Charge USB Cable

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HTC Hero Sync & Charge USB Cable

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  • Uses USB connection for power source.
  • No need to bring AC Adapter and cradle during travel.
  • 1 Sync-Charger for 2 functions, save space for your home and office.
  • Light Weight, compact, stylish, convenience.
  • 3 feet long.

Now you can sync your HTC Hero with your Desktop or Notebook computer and charge the battery at the same time, with the same cable! No more bulky AC adapters or cradles to carry around.

HTC Hero Sync & Charge USB Cable

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Article by Kenny23

According to "The Wall Street Journal" 's blog, AllThingsD reports, several informed sources said on Monday, Facebook has identified the development of its smart phone code-named "Buffy" (Buffy), and has been selected HTC (HTC) as the mobile phone behalf of the business.

It is reported, Facebook smart phone code name taken from the American TV series "Buffy the vampire hunter" (Buffy The VampireSlayer). AllThingsD said citing people familiar with the statement, Facebook phone will use the revised Google Android operating system, and deep integration of Facebook's basic functions and services, and will support HTML5 and other technical standards, so that the phone has a feature to run the platform class of mobile applications.

Informed sources also revealed that the phone hardware OEM matters, Facebook had considered two manufacturers HTC and Samsung, but HTC has recently been selected. As recently selected foundry, Facebook phone is still some time away from the formal market, which is expected in the next 12 to 18 months after that. Informed sources say, Facebook's Buffy phone project started two years ago, is currently the project manager for Facebook chief technology officer (CTO) Brett Taylor (BretTaylor).

For the above Facebook Buffy rumors mobile phone project, Facebook added a spokesman refused to comment. But the spokesman said: "Facebook's mobile strategy is simple: We believe that if each mobile device with a deeper level of social elements, its performance will be even better. We are working with, including mobile operators, hardware manufacturers, operating System providers and application developers, including the entire mobile industry cooperation to bring to the world public better social experience. "

For the Facebook generation business phone rumors have been selected HTC, HTC has also refused to comment.

Mobile strategy

AllThingsD believes that the future of mobile business development for Facebook crucial. Facebook "meddle" mobile phone business, although the market will face many challenges, but also give the company a lot of potential business opportunities.

Facebook had previously said that at present its active mobile users has reached 350 million, and the company has with the world's 475 mobile operators reach a partnership. While the Facebook application has become the most popular types of smart phone applications in one, but until now, Facebook applications in the smart phone, just to play the role of providing technical support.

In other words, the smart phone users, they are currently in the process of using the Facebook application, that is, look at his friend in the delivery of messages on Facebook, uploaded pictures and status updates and so on. The mobile phone through Facebook, Facebook hopes greater strides: the user can use Facebook mobile camera immediately after the upload to the Facebook site. In addition, Facebook phone contact address can also be achieved with the user's Facebook friends list synchronization.


AllThingsD that, Facebook into the phone business, mobile services will undoubtedly be more intense market competition. As the control of Google and Apple are two major mobile phone operating system (Android and iOS) right to speak, lead Facebook in this regard "maneuvers" of the space is not large.

While Apple has had issues with the Twitter social network integration to achieve a partnership, but over the years, Apple has been firmly in the grasp of the iOS platform to run various applications of control. On the other hand, Google has launched Google social networking service to challenge Facebook, and plans to integrate Google Android device functionality.

AllThingsD that Buffy phone project means that Facebook will take a major business transformation, that is, Facebook and mobile phone hardware vendors hope to launch a high degree of integration of the Facebook service for smart phones. Facebook Chief Technology Officer Taylor said earlier this year, mobile devices and social networking service is "inseparable."

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