How to get 3G connection on my unlocked HTC Legend on T-mobile?I have an unlocked HTC Legend I bought in Asia. I signed up for Tmobile's flex pay -- unlimited data and text, 500 mins/monthly. The in-store salesperson said that I would be able to access Tmobile's HSDPA (3G-like) network. So far I've only been able to get Edge. I tried searching the web for workarounds to this problem, like forcing the WCDMA and GSM/WCDMA network modes, but the connection always defaults to GSM and Edge connection for Internet connectivity. I also tried enduring the radio band is set to US only by changing the setting via *#*#4636#*#* (testing menu).

Nothing works! And get this... I called T-mobile and they said that unlocked phones can't access their HSDPA network! Sounds like horses**** How can this be possible????

Can you help, please?

Well, I agree, thats horses****... LOL

Does your area have 3G data ability??? or is it just 3G Voice and 2.5G Data???? or just 100% 2.5G all around voice and data....

Also, you have to understand.... and im not taking sides here... im just telling you how it is based on cellular technology.... the phone was not made for Tmobile USA... It was made for Asia... So, with that being side... and what I tell all my unlocked phone customers.... voice will work great and have no problems... but data and text might occur some issues.. slow speeds... delayed texts... etc etc etc.... The phone and Tmobile's APN does its best.. but somethings may be wrong or slow.. in this case, you have no 3G data

so..... your resolution...... see if you have 3G data in your area.... then see if 3G data is available for prepaid (just incase there Terms of Service statement changed) customers... Do you honestly believe there in 100% NO INTERNAL DAMAGE to this phone???? If all answers were YES... and you still have no 3G... then either you can learn to except my answer... or you can hear it from both Tmobile and HTC Tech Support Managers...

good luck

Most non-T-Mobile phones are physically incapable of accessing T-Mobile's 3g network. The iPhone is a case in point. It can only access the Edge network. It's not surprising that your phone is also limited to Edge.


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