How much is the HTC EVO 4G if I upgrade?I've been on Sprint for a year and according to the website I'm eligible for $ 150 off with 2 year contract or the nationally advertised price of a phone. If I want to buy the HTC EVO 4G, what would I have to pay? Would I pay the $ 200 or would I have to pay $ 200 -$ 150 (from the upgrade) for a total of $ 50?This is my first upgrade so any help with the process is welcome.

pay the $ 200 , call cst care and see if you are eligible to get what is called "Service Renewal Credit" for renewing contract/getting upgrade/being valued customer. Usually it is $ 50/70 off your bill so if you eligble to get the SRC, you can apply (phone) towards your bill.

In the long run, if you qualify for SRC, you would pay around $ 150-130 for the EVO.

If I confused you, you can contact me by email. Good Luck!

john w
I just renewed and paid about $ 200 after rebates.

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