How do u change the LED light on the HTC Aria ?Also is there any way for live wallpapers to work on there? And what is the best protective case for it? Sorri for all these questions (^_^#)
Oh and are the phone cases for the HTC Aria and the HTC HD Mini compatible with each other?
I have chomp sms but I tried it and it didn work did it work for u?

LED light- for messaging, i use chompSMS and you can act like your going to click on or well select a conversation, but you hold it down and these options pop up and you scroll down to LED light. It gives you some colors to choose from. Other than tht, idk.
Live wallpapersi dont think so unless there is some app for it or something?
And about all those cases, im not sure.

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Orignal From: How do u change the LED light on the HTC Aria ?