Fishbone Design Hybrid Protector Case for T-Mobile HTC G2 - Black/White

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  • Two different material surfaces offer unmatched look and feel
  • Provides superb protection and full access
  • Crafted with high quality hard plastic and durable silicone material

This Hybrid Gel Protector Case is custom made for your device. The front piece is crafted out of high quality hard plastic and the back piece is made with a durable silicone material with a hard plastic design attachment. The unique combination of hard and soft casing gives this case an unmatched look. The contrasting colors of the two surfaces also enhance the visual design of this case. The case is great for those are seeking a fresh new design for their phones as well as protection and full a

Fishbone Design Hybrid Protector Case for T-Mobile HTC G2 - Black/White

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HTC Inspire Review  

Article by Brenna Walker

The initial two months of 2011 have been fairly large ones for AT&T- 1st in January they announced their very first three 4G phones at CES and then releasing the 1st two of them last month-the HTC Inspire 4G and the Motorola Atrix 4G. For the last two weeks we've been testing the very first of AT&T's 4G phones, the HTC Inspire 4G, and we gotta say for the carriers initial 4G telephone its pretty impressive.Style and Screen</h2>The HTC Inspire's screen is virtually bigger than the Whole iPhone 4!The Inspire 4G is fairly considerably AT&T's version of Sprint's 1st 4G telephone, the EVO 4G, and like the EVO, the style and screen of the Inspire are just incredible.When you first choose up the HTC Inspire you swiftly recognize just how Huge this phone is. Even after employing the EVO several times ahead of, every thing just felt so a lot bigger here- although that overwhelming feeling goes away fairly speedily soon after a little bit of use. In reality we quickly came to appreciate the incredibly spacious 4.3 inch screen. While it is not as sharp as the Atrix's 4 inch screen or the iPhone 4s 3.5 inch screen, everything looked pretty incredible- YouTube, web sites, Facebook, images, games- and typing was equally wonderful. I normally use an iPhone 4 as my primary phone so I'm pretty employed to typing on touchscreen keyboards, but even men and women I showed the HTC Inspire to who normally use BlackBerry keyboards loved the spacious keyboard on the Inspire.And in terms of the design of the phone, it is extremely thin and feels excellent in your hand (assuming you do not have really modest hands, in that case we suggest you try this out in a store to make confident it works nicely for you). Just like the G2 and EVO, the Inspire is almost everything you'd expect design wise from a new HTC phone- it is a phone that when you hold it feels like one thing useful and not just a bunch of inexpensive plastic.Now while all this is good and great we did have one concern with the style and screen. We kept seeing the digitizer (the touch component of a touchscreen- it typically looks like bunch of dots in neat rows) under the screen, occasionally even when the screen was on. This in most circumstances wasn't too terrible but it was pretty frustrating if you appear at the screen from the wrong angle, in which case you can see some of the dots and is fairly distracting.

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