Fishbone Design Hybrid Hard/Gel Phone Cover Protector Case for HTC EVO 4G Sprint - Hot Pink/Black

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  • Combined skin case with an attached sturdy grip
  • Case reinforced from the front edges and protects the phone from scratches or dust
  • Color designs to give your phone a unique style

Double protection in styles! Combined with a solid armor plate with high grade silicone skin for your HTC EVO 4G. The armor case snaps on the silicone skin for durability and reinforced the shape of silicone skin.

Fishbone Design Hybrid Hard/Gel Phone Cover Protector Case for HTC EVO 4G Sprint - Hot Pink/Black

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HTC Incredible S - An incredibly stylish HTC phone!  

Article by Cat Johnes

HTC has introduced not one but many feature-packed handsets in the market. HTC Incredible S is one of its recent and powerful handset that, apart from a superb design, comes with many attractive features that make it a hit in the mobile phone market.

HTC phones are popular world-wide. The company has a number of high-end phones to its name that have found their place in the market. The company mostly targets the tech savvy youth of the world. The Taiwanese company is quite bold when it comes to choosing a name for their handsets. Hero, Desire, Sensation, all the words display the company's approach towards the market. HTC Incredible S, released in Feb 2011, is one of the popular smartphone from the company. There are plenty of things that make this device popular in the market. Though its not the latest handset to hit the market but it is worth having a look considering how popular the handset is. Let's go through what exactly this phone has to offer.

The first thing to talk about in this handset is the design. HTC has come up with an innovative design. The case of the device feels rubbery when you hold it in hand. Also the device weighs 135g, has curved corners and is comfortable to hold. The design of the phone is something that definitely catches attention. However, the phone has plenty of other features to offer. The Sense UI is good. This popular HTC User Interface makes the whole Android experience simpler and more enjoyable. There are many features and widgets that the UI has added to the device that the users will find useful. It also packs an 8 mega pixel camera that provides good image quality.

We can't really expect a better camera in this phone. The videos can also be recorded and there is a secondary camera of 1.3 mega pixel camera that allows the users to video-call. The device also has a number of pre-installed apps including flashlight, news and weather app that allow the users to find information on their local weather conditions. There are countless Android apps available as well as this is an Android based device. It runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) version. In fact of all the specs, this is the only thing that may be a cause of argument. The reason being, most of the high-end smartphones have 2.3 version of Google's popular OS. In that sense, the users may feel a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, the Froyo version functions well on HTC Incredible S and are hardly a cause for concern. HTC Incredible S is a powerful handset and is also available with affordable HTC Incredible S deals that make it easier to buy.

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