EMPIRE 3 Pack of Screen Protectors for AT&T HTC Freestyle

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  • Custom designed to fit your PDA/Smartphone.
  • Quickly and easily adhere directly to your phones screen.
  • Non-adhesive backing, will not leave sticky residue.
  • Shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches and blemishes.
  • Includes a cloth, clearly detailed instructions, & screen protector.

This HTC Freestyle screen protector provides excellent protection to your device's screen from unwanted scratches, blemishes, and dust damaging your screen. The HTC Freestyle screen protector quickly and easily adheres directly to your screen. It also features a non-adhesive backing, which will not leave sticky residue behind. Keep your screen looking brand new with this HTC Freestyle screen protector. EMPIRE(TM) is a registered trademark with the USPTO.

EMPIRE 3 Pack of Screen Protectors for AT&T HTC Freestyle

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Features of the HTC Freestyle  

Article by Ben Garcia

One of AT&T's most adventurous leaps into the smart phone market is their production of the HTC Freestyle. This one of a kind smart phone brings you great features without you having to purchase any data packages in order to be able to take advantage of these features. Lucky for HTC fans, this does not mean that this smart phone does not have quite a few things going for it. With an unique interface and an operating system that very few users within the States have seen, this smart phone has some tricks up its sleeve to keep users on top of their work, up-to-date with friends, and more organized than ever.

The first thing that any owner is going to notice the moment they pop out their case is the similarity between the BREW operating system and the operating systems for Androids and iPhones alike. This device has the ability to change out their home screen and choose one from the seven that are available. You can also set all of the shortcuts and applications you want because it has a very customizable interface. A single slide of the finger can open up a page designated to time-killing games while another slide of the finger will give access to work contacts and projects. This also includes downloadable widgets which update automatically with everything from local news to stock market trends which can be accessed without opening any programs.

An accelerometer and gyrometer may not be included in the basic hardware either, but this phone was meant for business with a good list of accessories and software. Many smart phone users have become very frustrated because of the unresponsive screens when trying to navigate between horizontal and vertical mode. This can be very frustrating for users flipping their phone out every few moments. This device will automatically move from horizontal mode to vertical mode with a single click and will stay there until the owner clicks it back.

Whether a phone is built for work or play, consumers want quick and easy access to social networking. This mobile phone is compatible with Friendstream that will put all of your social sites all together into one application. This widget will automatically scroll through the updates on all the major social networking sites from Twitter to Facebook. Even through the screen protector, this social widget can be easily viewed and customized to inform the user of anyone they wish. It can be changed to only show 'check-ins', status updates, or even picture uploads.

HTC changed the way people saw smart phones when they created the Freestyle. This device has multiple available apps, accessories and customer support through HTC, which ensures that you will have an outstanding smart phone experience.

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