eBay Claim, Buyer Wants Refund, I Refuse?Hi there, I purchased a Dazzle from Amazon about two month ago. I sold it on eBay as to, I've purchased a HTC Desire HD on contract. So yeah, anyway...

I sold it on eBay, the buyer purchased it, received it by tracking Royal Mail. The item description was all there, the item was in working order when sent. A month later, anyhow... The buyer suddenly opens a claim asking for a refund. I sent a message back saying, "It's been a month, why are you suddenly saying it doesn't work now? Bit odd."

I'm not refunding him until eBay escalates this case tomorrow. I have closed my PayPal down as in fear to having money taken from my account. Why should I offer a refund for a month later claim that has suddenly been made? The item was in working order, now he says it isn't...

If eBay escalates this case, what will happen? Also, what are your views on this? :S
If I refuse to refund, does eBay like get authorities involved or anything like that? Even though I am right?

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Ebay will more than likely rule in their favor and would've instantly jacked your acct had u not already shut it down. They won't come after, but they, as well as paypal, will hold a negative balance against you and keep you on the shit list forever. They wanna make sure that you will never use ebay or paypal again for as long as you may live, or until you pay them.

Dosen't matter if you close your Paypal account, or empty it, or even close the Bank account associated with it,
Once the Buyer returns this non working item Paypal will refund them and pursue you for the debt you now owe Paypal (you agreed to this in the User Agreement when you signed up to Paypal-we all did).
Paypal WILL employ a debt collection agency to get the money.

As to the item (I am unfarmiliar as to what it is) however even if you sold it as a private seller you are still bound by SOGA (sale of goods act)

If the item is not fit for purpose (and has broken within one month- then it is faulty)
You should get the item back, refund(Paypal will force you too anyway) and take up this matter with the original seller- as you have the same rights to persue him for a refund.

Trading Standards can help

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